New Ways to Wear Old Clothes

Although New York City is the fashion capital of the world, it is also the capital of having the smallest closets in the world (true fact-ish). It is also one of the most expensive places to live. This means that buying a new wardrobe every season is totally out of the question. At this point I am happy to add a few pieces to my collection every few months. Although I love shopping and finding a good deal, I’m pretty much out of space to add more to my wardrobe! Don’t even get me started with my pile of shoes that don’t have the good home they deserve…

So, until I have an unlimited budget and a guest room turned closet, I’m going to keep finding new ways to wear my old favorites.



I’m pretty sure I’ve had this shirt since before this blog. Actually, I think I actually wore it for my first ever blog post!

Rather than just getting rid of it because it’s been around the blogosphere so many time, I tried wearing it in a new way. Off the shoulder shirts are a huge, one season, trend right now. I have a few, but have no intention in really investing in this trend, so instead I transformed my boring button down into an off the shoulder crop top for a fun evening out.

What other ways have you made old favorites new again?


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