10 Commandments of Fashion- investment pieces! (day 234)

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Hi! I’m Brent Allen, Lauren’s  aunt, who has known her since long before she was picking out her own clothes!  Currently, I work at Marie Claire magazine, so my mind is all fashion, all the time.  However, my original interest in fashion stemmed from having to wear a school uniform for 15 years!  As much as I longed to mix it up every day, what wearing a uniform taught me is that bags and shoes definitely make the best investments.

The truth is, most of us probably spend more on clothes than we should, regardless of our budget, so if you really plan your wardrobe and spend a little more on great quality pieces that you can wear for a long time, it’s money well spent.
Rather than buy 5 tops for $20, spend the $100 on a great black heel that you’ll have forever.
When in doubt, I’m a big believer in the cost-per-wear model.  Divide the total cost of the item by the number of times you think you’ll wear it.  Suddenly, the pricier handbag that you carry every day is a way better deal than the cheap neon tank you picked up when you were really supposed to be buying toothpaste.
My picks for the best investment pieces: (please keep in mind that I work full time and have to deal with 4 seasons, so mine might not apply to everyone!!)
–          A great (large) black handbag (it will go with you to the grave)
–           A classic trench (you can always swap out the boring belt for a cute ribbon to change it up)
–          The perfect pair of jeans (great fitting denim is hard to find. If you love them and they look good, spend the $$, you’ll have them forever)
–          An LBD (that’s an obvious one)
–          The perfect pump (one that you can wear to anything and that is actually comfortable)
–          A great clutch (something that you can wear day or night)

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