10 Commandments of Fashion- JEANS (day 231)

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Hello everyone! Happy holidays! I’m Mary Kate, Lauren’s 16 year old younger cousin and aspiring journalist. Every Friday I guest blog for Lauren’s Fashion Blog, and my contribution to the “10 Commandments of Fashion” is getting the right jeans for your body. Lets all be honest, it’s a rough world out in the jeans department of American Eagle, Express, Buckle, etc etc etc. high waisted or low waisted, straight or skinny, light wash or dark wash? Well fellow ladies of the Internet, fear no more, I’m hear to bring a smudge more clarity to the irritating confusion that is jeans.

Step One: Learn your body type!
Everyone’s body is different, pear, apple, triangle, rectangle, hourglass. All you need to do is distinguish yourself in one of the many categories.
Step Two: Types of Washes
In most cases, darker washes look more slimming and flattering on women who have larger thighs and butts. Apples, Pears, Triangles, and Full Figure girls UNITE!!!! Lighter washes can make thighs look even larger and make your body seem unproportionate.
Step Three: Waist Line
Hourglass girls, you’ve pretty much got free reign in this department. Go low, go high, have a party with it. Rectangular or more boyish shapes should go with a mid rise, because generally they may have a little bit of a belly. Mid rise is good to go with in most body types, and beware of low rise. Butt cracks are NOT an accessory!
Step Four: Leg Widths
Though skinny jeans are super “in” right now, they are not necessarily the best choice for everyone. Once again, hourglasses are pretty good in every category, but rectangles should be especially fond of slim jeans. They help elongate your body, and with flapped back pockets it can help add shape to your flat booty. Inverted triangles should wear boot cut jeans, because they help minimize your hips and thighs by evening them out with your lower legs. BEWARE OF WIDE LEG JEANS on triangles, they can just make you look frumpy and can even make you look larger than you are.
I really hope these tips helped out at least a little, they’re the rules I live by in the jean world at least. Have an absolutely beautiful holiday season!

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