10 Commandments of Fashion- LBD (day 232)

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Hey guys! My name is Paula, and I’m one of Lauren’s good friends from school. Today I want to talk about the classic little black dress. The Little Black Dress became popular when Chanel’s LBD  appeared in the pages of Vogue on October 1, 1920. Since that day, the LBD became a fashion must-have. LBDs are great to have because they work for any occasion. They’re classic look can be dressed up or down by pairing it with the right accessories. When dressing down a LBD my favorite accessory to use is a belt that can completely change the style of this classic look. When dressing a LBD up, pairing the dress with a bold necklace and cute heels is an easy yet fun way to spice up your look.
So when you have a busy day full of events to go to, play it safe by wearing a Little Black Dress and carry accessories with you so you’re prepared for whatever the occasion calls for!

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