Getting dressed in the dark!




I know, this is the most boring outfit to ever be posted in a fashion blog. But if I told you I got dressed in the dark do I get a free pass for the day?? After sleeping through my alarm this morning I was rushing to get dressed, and as soon as I was about to pick out my outfit the power in my house went off. This was not just a flicker of energy, but a stone age, no electricity, just as dark inside as it was outside, nervous about the absence of heat kind of power outage. Luckily I am a procrastinator when it comes to putting clothes away, so I knew that this sweater was still in the LOFT bag at the foot of my bed and leggings were sitting at the top of the pile of clothes in my closet. Maybe this wasn’t the ideal outfit, but it was better than a hoodie! I also had to do my makeup with only the flashlight in my phone. That was fun!

Since this semester started I feel like this blog has turned into “Lauren’s Life Lessons” rather than “Lauren Allen’s Fashion Blog.” Hopefully the semester will start settling in soon and I can go back to focusing on the fashion!

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