Black and white (day 240)


Along with today being eight months of daily blogging, it is also the start of the big move. This morning my dad and sister set off for the long 12 hour drive to Kentucky. With them went a majority of my clothes which is going to make dressing this week a difficult task.
I obsessed over this black and white geometric print sweater for months, and I was very excited when it showed up on Christmas morning! The sad part is that I didn’t have a chance to play around with ways to wear it before shipping most of my stuff off to a different state. It was cold today, so I ended up wearing the sweater with a long tank, leggings and boots. Then I added a fun pop of color with a beaded multi-strand fuchsia necklace. It’s nothing too exciting, but I love this sweater and I’m SO excited to see what else I can do with it!
Another thing that I really want to talk about today is who has really inspired me to do this daily blog. When I started following We The Kings, I found out that the bassist and his wife do daily vlogs (video blogs), so I decided to do a little research. Charles and Alli Trippy have been vlogging for over 1300 days now and I watch them every night before I go to bed. It may not have much to do with fashion and they are WAY ahead of me, but it’s really inspiring to me that they do it everyday and have for over 4 years now. I was very excited to meet and take pictures with them the other day at the We The Kings concert after watching them on YouTube everyday for months now! Go check out some of their videos at

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