Can an outfit scream Africa??



I am getting an unexpectedly African vibe from this outfit. After running errands all morning with my mom in a plaid shirt and this blue cardigan I had to get ready for work. My plan was to totally change outfits into jeans and a nice top, but I decided to be lazy and ended up just dressing up the outfit I already had on. To do this I took off the plaid shirt, buttoned up the cardigan and accessorized. This Zara statement necklace looks like it was made to go with this cardigan, I don’t know why I haven’t put them together before! The final touch was a long elephant necklace that filled in dead space on my white tank. There is just something about wearing an elephant and collar necklace with these colors that just screams Africa to me (from a fashion stand-point, not necessarily exactly like the continent look if ya’ know what I mean!).


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