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All I need for Christmas is an excuse to get dressed up in a new dress and heels and I am as happy as a fashionista shopping a designer’s sample sale. Tonight I went to Christmas Eve mass with my family which meant that i just HAD to get dressed up! This ended up meaning that I got dressed at 8am and worked an all day shift at LOFT, drove home to pick my grandparents up, went to church and then went out to a nice Christmas Eve dinner with my family and a couple of my good friends. I bought this dress on Black Friday from Red Dress Boutique just because I just couldn’t resist the sale price, but never even thought about wearing it for Christmas (it has a big cut out in the back). Paired with a black blazer, this dress is perfect for Christmas. It never got over 25 degrees outside today, so pattern tights from LOFT and booties from Forever 21 were a must. And these black booties were 50% off the other day! I have been looking for a pair of booties for months, but it just took until I stopped looking to find them. Did you have an exciting Christmas Eve? What did you wear?


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve dress up!

  1. You look so grown up and fashionable, you just wow the
    Heck out of me all the time now, keep it up! Happy holidays
    To you and your family, love to all from Linda and Sidney Hanson

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