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This Halloween I will be dressing up as a LOFT employee… So I dressed up yesterday instead! What is funny is that Saturday night I went to a Halloween party and didn’t dress up, but yesterday I hung out at home which lead to a make over and costume. For this 80’s workout look I went all out and had so much fun! After researching what this costume should look like I had my mom do my makeup. Basically that just required an over exaggeration of everything, blue eye shadow, rosie cheeks and hot pinkĀ  lips. The outfit consisted of teal tights, purple leg warmers, purple keds, a black bathing suit (you could also use a leotard), an off the shoulder shirt and a headband. This is a super easy look to put together with things that are already in your wardrobe. All I had to get was these $8 tights from Target. You can easily work with any color combination. I just already had purple leg warmers and keds, so that is what I started with. Even though I didn’t go anywhere in this outfit, I did enjoy taking the blog pictures and dancing around the house for a couple of minutes!

What are you rocking out in this Halloween?

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