Shoe analogies!




This week in my digital art lecture we started learning about artistic videos (versus movies with a plot and purpose). At first I was focused and ready to learn, but after about the 10th video I started to loose interest. That’s until my teacher started using shoe analogies! She compared shoes to sound in videos. Just like the shoes set the tone for the outfit, sound can decide the tone of a video. Have you ever thought about how if there was no music, maybe that super dramatic part in your favorite chick flick wouldn’t actually be very dramatic? In the same way, using this outfit as an example, shoes can really dress an outfit up or down. If I had worn fuzzy moccasin slippers this outfit would have looked like I was planning on spending the day lounging at home, but leather boots made the outfit look like a fashion statement instead. I’m sure there have been other outfits that prove this way better, but this is what I wore today and I just couldn’t wait to share my new-found knowledge!



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