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I’m so excited to finally wear my new necklace! It’s been so cold that I have had to wear scarves everyday, but today I made sure to pick my outfit so it would go with this necklace. I got the necklace while shopping in Massachusetts. It was on sale in this cute little boutique for $20 which is more than I usually spend on necklaces, but it was vacation and I fell in love with it. This necklace reminds me of something Cleopatra would wear, it’s so unique and bold. I know I will get a lot of use out of it.

I wanted to keep the color scheme red and royal blue rather than my go-to red and black with this shirt.¬† Since I was avoiding black I wore blue skinny jeans, and then brown riding boots were my favorite option for shoes. Usually I just wear a tank top with this shirt, but it’s very light weight, so I tried something new. I wore a black long sleeve shirt under the button down. It just made my shirt look like a darker red, and kept me warm enough that I didn’t need a coat for the quick walk to and from the church.

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