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Today was a weird day when it came to picking an outfit. I applied for a job and spent a lot of time outside, all while it was warmer than it’s been, but very strong winds. Last night I filled out a job application for a coaching position here in Lexington, so today I walked over to the YMCA to turn it in. In every business and success class I’ve ever taken 2 things have stuck out for me, always attach a cover letter, and look pulled together even if just turning in an application because you never know if you will get an on the spot interview. I did not get to talk to anyone, but I’m hoping that my cover letter made me look good without them even seeing me!

After turning in my application my family toured a house that we are looking to buy, that is where today’s pictures were taken. The temperature was warmer today than its been (almost 50!), so I wanted to wear something other than a coat. This outfit would have been great for today if I didn’t spend 2 hour in a non-heated house and then some time outside in the brisk wind. I wore a nice purple long sleeved shirt, a tan blazer and jeans. Black combat boots were the only shoes I own that I like with this jacket in winter, and then I borrowed this fun colorful scarf from my mom to pull it all together.

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