Dress for yourself! (Day 325)

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I am very happy to have my uncle (Mary Kate’s dad) in Lexington because one: he’s a photographer which means he can take my blog pictures; and two: he is always very good at inspiring me. Last night he asked me to think about whether I dress for myself or for everyone else. I have been thinking about this question ever since and thought I’d talk about my answer on today’s blog. My final decision was that I dress for myself for a couple of reasons. The most simple reason is that I’ve never been one to worry if someone didn’t like me, so why start now? Another reason is that, as a college student, If I were to dress for everyone else I would wear Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, Ugg boots, and a NorthFace jacket everyday to fit in with everyone else. Instead I mix polka dots with a shoe print, and a purple shirt with blue rain boots all at once. I have way more fun with that than in boring yoga pants (not that I don’t enjoy those for hanging out), and it helps that I don’t mind if someone doesn’t appreciate my outfit as much as they should! Do you dress for yourself or for everyone else?

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