Layer it up! (Day 326)

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One of the nice things about living at home is having my moms closet just down the hall for those days that my closet just isn’t inspiring me. I wanted to wear this polka dot button down, but it wasn’t warm enough on it’s own. After thinking of every possible layering combination in my closet I came to the conclusion that I have already tried everything, and made my way down the hall to my mom’s closet. What I found was a great neutral layering piece to keep me warm while still letting the polka dots do the talking. The one layer I regretted forgetting today was a tank top. Even if they can’t be seen, tank tops do a world of wonders to keeping you warm because without them you have a very cold tummy when the breeze finds its way up your shirt. If I learned anything this winter it was that layers are my best friend!

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