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Today I thought I would tell you allĀ  about my favorite accessories that are in every blog, but are never explained… My rings! These are definitely my favorite and most important things I own.

The first one (the one on my top hand in the first picture) is from my grandma. She got it when she was 13 and gave it to me when I was around that age. It took me a while to really appreciate it, but by 8th grade I wore it as much as possible. At that time I was in a strict private school, so I couldn’t wear the ring there. As soon as I started public school in high school I started wearing it everyday, and haven’t taken it off since. The ring is peridot (the August birthstone) with little diamonds on the side and a gold band. I would never have picked this out for myself, but I love it so much I catch myself staring at it all the time!

The second ring came shortly after the first. I was in a stage where I hated mixing things like black and brown and, most importantly to this blog, gold and silver. I also wanted something Emerald since that is my birthstone, so Santa brought this beautiful ring to me a couple of years ago. It is crossed yellow and white gold bands with alternating emeralds and diamonds. I used the ring as an excuse to wear silver and gold interchangeably and even together!

I feel like I have the perfect balance of rings on my hands, that is why I never bought into the cocktail ring trend. Any other ring would throw off the balance and not look right. I’m still trying to figure out how I will readjust with an engagement ring, but I know I have a while until I need to worry about that!

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  1. Hi Lauren – I love your rings! They’re beautiful! Sentimental / symbolic jewelry is so soul satisfying! So great to see that you appreciate that at your age. You’re right – it provides “balance” – to both fashion AND your soul, providing constant reminders of who you are and what your “history” is. Kudos to you! Love, Carol

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