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Usually I pick out my outfit as I’m getting dressed, but last night I decided to put today’s outfit together early. This was an issue because I loved this outfit so much that I debating just putting it on then and sleeping in it! Maybe I am more creative at nights and should always pick out my outfits early? That sounds nice, but I know that the chances of that happening are slim.

I literally had to scrape ice off of my car this morning, so that should be a perfectly good explanation for why I needed to wear many layers today. This outfit is a little dressier than my usual Friday look, and that is because after my morning class I was invited to fashion show at Dillard’s featuring Pendleton clothes. They served a great lunch, and showed some beautiful clothes. Today I focused my outfit on mixing patterns with my camo jacket with lace sleeves and cheetah print scarf. Who knew you could combine so many trends?? Under the jacket I wore a raspberry LOFT sweater and chambray button down, with simple black jeans and riding boots. What I love most about this outfit is that it looks great with and without the jacket; I did not have to compromise one or the other.

P.S.- The Cost Per Wear calculator for this jacket is now down to $58.33 check out the other 2 times I wore this jacket here and here



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