Fun in Florida!

Rebekah Portraits

Rebekah Portraits

Rebekah Portraits

Although I don’t talk about it as much as I should on here, my favorite thing about what I do in the fashion industry is style photo shoots. Unfortunately most of the shoots I style here in Lexington are under wraps waiting to be published, but this is a photo shoot I am more than happy to share!

While I was visiting family in Florida last week my uncle (McCrystal Image) and I spent some time bonding by doing what we do best, photo shoots! He convinced his niece Rebekah to be our beautiful model for the day, and I went through her closet to put a few outfits together. She is usually a tomboy, so it was fun to dress her up like a barbie doll.

Working on vacation is the best when you love what you do!

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