Finally done with finals! (Day 222)

I am FINALLY done with this semester! It is now time for rest, relaxation and reading. I have been so busy reading stuff for school that I have fallen behind on my fashion studying, so my plan for this break is to read another great book about fashion. There are a lot of exciting things happening over the next month for the blog and in my life that I’m very excited about including a “10 commandments of fashion” segment and the big move to Kentucky!
Florida is currently being its bipolar self, the last couple of days have been in the high 70’s, but today it dropped to the 50’s while raining and it was miserable. That is why I went with comfortable and warm with fun colors for this last day of finals. I’ve had a hard time finding things to go with this mint sweater, but I really like this purple V-neck with it today! And of course my go-to floral necklace worked to tie it all together. If I had known it was really going to be as rainy and cold as it was, I probably would have worn boots instead of flats, but I liked adding the pattern to the outfit so I didn’t mind!

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