Jet setting around (day 202)

Today I am jet setting around America! Well… More like flying in a small Delta plane. Why? Because I get to spend this beautiful holiday weekend in my NEW HOME TOWN Lexington, Kentucky! My family is packing up and moving to Kentucky in January before I start the spring semester and this is my first time ever being there. I am so excited because I have never lived anywhere other than Gainesville, Florida and, especially for this blog, I think it will give me an opportunity to broaden my fashion horizons and try new things. I even tried on a pair of cowboy boots the other day! I don’t see myself wearing cowboy boots any time soon, but I do plan to buy riding boots on black Friday. That’s close enough for me!
For my very full day of packing, classes and flying I wanted something comfortable but I also didn’t want to look like a bum. Another difficulty for today’s outfit was that it had to transfer well from Florida’s 70 degree weather to Kentucky’s 50 degree weather. I could not be happier with the final outcome! Leggings and a long cardigan might as well be a fashionable hoodie and sweat pants, and the scarf is a cute accessory that will keep me warm once I land in Kentucky. The boots were kind of annoying when going through security, but it only took me like 5 minutes to get through security and put them back on so it wasn’t anything too horrible.

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