More traveling! (Day 251)


I’m finally starting to get used to all of this traveling! Today I am traveling to Massachusetts to check out my dream school, Lasell. I’ll explain more about the school tomorrow, but for now I’m going to brag about my amazing packing! 🙂 Since I will be in Massachusetts for 4 days I wanted to challenge myself to not check a bag and only bring a carry on. The biggest part of this is making sure that I bring things that I can wear more than once. I probably could have gotten away with only bringing one pair of shoes, but instead I’m wearing my combat boots, and I packed my riding boots. For today’s traveling I’m wearing my favorite knit leggings that I will wear again with a different sweater on the way home, a long black tank, a polka dot cardigan and a purple scarf to add color to the outfit. I feel very high fashion, but I can still curl up and be comfy on the flight which is very important to me.
One more flight until I meet up with my grandma and get settled into my long awaited adventure!

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