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Mary Kate’s Take-

Hello lovelies! This week is focused on skin health! Yes, the skin is the biggest
organ on your body, and keeping it soft, clean, and protected is guaranteed to make
any outfit shine brighter. First, theĀ face. Tonight I had a chorus concert at my high
school, which required a TON of makeup!


But even though the look was fun, keeping it on for a night would clog those pores
like crazy and cause acne! Yuck! So the minute I got home I used my Mary Kay time
wise face wash and makeup remover to clean off all that gunk!


This was just on my EYES! Imagine how much came off the rest if my face! By washing
your face twice a day, hydrating your skin, and keeping it healthy, you will soon
enough look, and feel better! Second is skin care when it comes to sun exposure.
Recently, I went to my cousins soccer game for about an hour or so. Didn’t even
think about putting sunscreen on. It was windy, so if I was in the shade it was
cold, so I just hoped for the best. This hope ruined all hope for comfortable
walking for the past two weeks. I was FRIED.


So please, even if you’re already naturally tan, or only going to be in the sun for
a little while, or even if it is a bit chilly. Protect yourself. Every sunburn
increases chances of skin cancer, and melanoma. One person dies from melanoma every
HOUR. Twenty four people PER DAY. Don’t be someone on that list. Tan skin isn’t
worth dying for. Anyways, on that note, keep safe in the sun, clean the gunk off,
and keep it classy fashionistas!

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