Lace (day 185)

After spending all day yesterday doing nothing, I had to get my work done today! For this I had to find the perfect compromise between study clothes and church clothes. I usually don’t like wearing shorts to church, but I had to wear long pants all week because it was cold so I was happy to be able to wear shorts today! It was also the perfect time to wear this awesome lace sweater. It is so comfortable, I could wear it all the time! I got this fuchsia necklace last week when I bought my teal jeans just because I liked how pretty they were together, but I can tell that it will be a great addition to my wardrobe! I’m always on the look out for fun exotic jewelry because that is the perfect way to show off my style while still staying in my college student budget. I can’t wait to find other ways to wear my new necklace!

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