SPARKLES (day 186)



There are so many things that I love about this outfit I don’t know where to start! Lets start with the small details and go from there. My mom went to a makeup show yesterday and came home with some super fun sparkles so I, of course, had to play with them today! That is where my purple sparkly eye liner came from.
The next thing that I was really happy about was my fun top knot and purple bow. Along with just adding to my outfit, it showed off my fun new hair. I get bored quickly when it comes to my hair, and this time I didn’t want to grow it out so I decided it was the color that needed to change. Rather than being too crazy I just bleached a thin layer underneath my hair and some highlights in the front. It can’t be seen very well when my hair is down and how I normally wear it, so it’s fun to have when I put my hair up. I will probably add a little more in a couple of months now that I know how much I love it.
Now to the actual outfit- it was a beautiful day today so I took that as an opportunity to wear my favorite outfit combination, shorts, a bottom down and a scarf. This yellow is a great pop of color and the chambray shirt is is the neutral in the outfit. This scarf does multiple jobs, it kept me warm while coaching tonight and it also pulled everything together. Today’s outfit was so much fun it even made a Monday a good day.

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