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I was planning on avoiding talking about the Superbowl, but I just watched the half time show and I have to say that Beyonce looked fierce and put on an amazing show!! If you missed it, YouTube it.

Anyways, when I got dressed this morning I was thinking that this outfit was a mix between nerdy and chic. This is still true, but while I was sitting in church today I noticed that a majority of the men were wearing a button down shirt with a sweater. I think it’s really cool how women’s trends can be a spin off of menswear. This trend is usually done with a v-neck sweater, but I don’t have any, so I substituted an old Aeropostale sweater. That is another great thing about fashion; there are no rules. Just do what works for you and makes you happy. I’ve never thought to wear this blush pink polka button down with teal jeans before, but through process of elimination through my closet this morning this is what I ended up with, and I think it looks amazing.

Don’t tell the fashion magazines, but fashion doesn’t mean showing as much skin as possible. Some of the most high fashion outfits don’t show much skin at all!

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