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The whole reason for going to Chicago happened on Friday. My mom and I attended School of Style’s Personal Styling class. I learned so much from what exactly it means to be a personal stylist, to how to make a client receipt. It was an all-day class that covered three months’ worth of material, leaving my mind racing for the rest of the night. On the bright side, I have never been more sure about what I want to do in fashion! Learning from someone who is currently extremely successful in the industry was so inspiring and I now feel like I have the fundamentals to begin my journey. There is always more to be learned, but this was an amazing start.

I originally wanted to wear my green tea length skirt to this class, but the cold weather wouldn’t permit that. Instead I went for what I would consider a “Classic Lauren Look.” A totally menswear inspired look of Jogging-type pants, a polka dot button down and a bow tie with girly touches of jewelry and bright lipstick. I must admit, my RnJ Accessories bow tie was the talk of the class! It started a lot of conversations which introduced me to so many amazing people. Meeting people with the same passions as I do makes me so happy!


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