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I am having a hard time right now deciding if I want to focus this blog on my outfit or my beautiful new purse! Let’s start with this bag because Kate Spade always comes first! I am OBSESSED with Kate Spade, her pieces are absolutely stunning while also being totally quirky at the same time.¬† The perfect example of that is this tote bag. It is practical for school and almost any other event, has a beautiful pink bottom, and the saying, “Is this seat taken? #handsomstranger” is hilarious. Maybe if I were actually a super flirtatious person this would stupid, but since I am the most awkward person ever when it comes to flirting this bag is just funny.

Now to my outfit… This morning before class and work I babysat which usually involves getting covered in baby food and snot. For this I did not want to wear what I was wearing to work tonight, so I wore a black long sleeve tee and hoodie. When I got to the parking lot on campus I threw on my polka dot button down and pink blazer and buttoned the shirt while running to the bus. On the bus I added the black necklace and made sure I looked pulled together. For an outfit on the go, I really like how it came together, and all of the layers really did help keep me warm during the day.



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