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This has been one of the longest, most tiring, BEST weekends of my life. I may have said this same thing before, but this weekend topped any other amazing weekend before that. On Saturday I was the lead stylist for a MOUR Magazine photo shoot. This meant that weeks ago I planned out the looks I wanted, on Friday I went to four different local boutiques and pulled pieces that worked with the looks I had in mind, then I went home and put everything together in outfits, and Saturday I spent the day bossing people around (starting at 5:30 am I must add). The fun ended when I had to bring back all of the beautiful clothes and accessories.

Today I stepped back and helped out Image insight with the makeup at another MOUR photo shoot. I swear that there are no positions in a photo shoot that aren’t thrilling and important.

Even though I was sleep deprived and a little cold, this morning I was determined to dress nicely because when I like my outfit I feel better. Plus, I had a new Red Dress Boutique skirt to wear!

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  1. It was a fun weekend Lauren! Thanks for including Image Insight in the productions. There is nothing cooler in my life than getting to work with my amazing daughter!

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