Pink lips (day 79)


Today’s outfit may or may not have been picked so that I would wear my new pink lip stick… I really love it! This blouse is an old favorite that gets pulled out when I need something neutral but a little dressier than a regular tank top. Since this outfit was for church I wore long jeans to look better covered. This was not very enjoyable considering it was almost 100 degrees outside but I stayed inside all day and it was fine. My beautiful make up today is thanks to my personal make up artist, Image Insight (a.k.a. My mom). She had some new colors that she wanted to play with so I got to be the Tester. 🙂 Bright lip stick always looks better when you have a good foundation on evening out imperfections in your skin so that your lips will be the center of attention. For the same reason you want to have very neutral eye make up on. This look is great for your summer style because it’s light and can easily be done on your own. Just keep a fun lip color in your purse to pull the whole outfit together!

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