Playing with Pink!




Let’s just say that last week was not the best. I wasn’t feeling well and I was getting kind of down, so I did something pretty spontaneous to try to life my spirits… I died my hair PINK! With some tips from Marie Claire’s blog I went to Sally’s and picked up my own bottle of Manic Panic in “Cotton Candy Pink”. At that point I wasn’t totally ready to commit, but I also wanted it to stay for more than a day so this seemed like the best option. I already had blond highlights so the process was simple. All I did was cover my entire head in the pink goo and watched Netflix as I waited for it to take over my hair.

As you can tell in these pictures, the color did bring my mood up! Unfortunately it’s almost all gone, but it was very fun while it lasted. Now I have to decide what to do next… 🙂



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