Rain rain go away (day 138)

This morning I woke up to hear the crashing of thunder and soon realized that it wasn’t going to stop storming any time soon. The outfit I had thought about wearing wasn’t going to work in the storm so I had to think about what works in this weather. I knew that since I would be wet and cold in the AC in class, I wanted some sort of sweater and I didn’t want jeans because once they are wet they will never dry. So the final conclusion was my pink shorts and a black and white 3/4 sleeve sweater. The problem I still had was shoes. I didn’t want to ruin my Ked’s or Tom’s but I still wanted to look cute so I wore an old pair of silver gladiators and spend the day sliding and sloshing around. The perfect shoe would have been a rain boot but I always talk myself out of buying a pair! Oh well, live and learn!

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