The Inappropriate Touch.


The Booby Bandit victim is back and is looking for revenge.

Oh, you haven’t heard about the Booby Bandit yet?

Before my family moved to Kentucky, we all got together in Naples, Fla. to visit my grandparents, my moms siblings and my cousins. Surprise, surprise, the girls ended up at the mall!

As we were shopping we came across an interesting window display. This display had four or five mannequins standing in their always sassy posses saying “Don’t you want to buy our clothes??” We suddenly noticed an interesting fashion statement. These mannequins all had their tops pulled down under what we will politely call the bra line.

Towards the end up this line of fashion statements was the stylist behind the looks, a 5-year-old little boy with his hands cupping the innocent mannequins breasts, now formally referred to as “The Booby Bandit.”

I thought that was the last of that hilarious scene… Until last night.

Apparently that mannequin has found it’s way to Kentucky and is seeking revenge. I worked the late night shift last night dressing and moving every mannequin in LOFT. As I was moving one of the beautifully dressed ladies, her hand found her way down my bra and got stuck there as I attempted to put her down.

Instead of coming to my rescue, my oh-so-helpful managers, crippled with laughter, allowed me to work on my problem solving skills all by myself. Let’s just say that it is a good thing there was no one walking by the store at the time!

There are still four Booby Bandit mannequin victims out there, who will be the next to feel the wrath of their revenge?


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