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10 Commandments of Fashion- OVERDRESS (day 229)

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My name is Paula, I am Lauren’s aunt. I have long since been a “slave to fashion”. I am one of those people who won’t run into the grocery store, (or go to the beach for that matter) without some make up. Yeah, I know, but I just can’t do it!!
My #1 Fashion commandment is NEVER underdress!! I think it is ALWAYS better to be overdressed than underdressed. What could be worse than showing up at a function and finding everyone dressed up, and you didn’t?? You will never be embarrassed to be the best dressed in the room! Always decide what you think is expected, and then take it up a notch! I say, even for a causal event, you can look your best! Jeans don’t have to look sloppy, if you wear them with nice shoes and accessories. Go out there and STEAL THE SHOW!!!

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