10 Commandments of Fashion- MAKEUP (day 228)

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Thanks Lauren for including me in your Ten Commandments of fashion! My name
is Trish Allen ( AKA Lauren’s Mom) and I am the owner/principal makeup
artist at Image Insight Makeup Artistry http://www.imageinsight.me . Here
at I.I. we obviously live and breathe for makeup and although we don’t
expect the average woman to feel the same way about the topic we are excited
to share our Insight on just how important makeup can be as an accessory to
your look.

Similar to clothing, jewelry and shoes- the way you wear or don’t wear
makeup tells the world how you want to be treated. It sets the stage for
positive, or possibly negative, interactions with those who need to make a
quick decision about who you are and what you stand for. Of course the
argument to the contrary would state that if someone doesn’t make the effort
to know and judge you for the person that you are on the inside, then they
really don’t deserve to know you at all. Sounds like a great ideal- but that
is all that it is. Each and every day we interact with others and in a split
second they are sizing us up. Fair? NOPE. Realty, YUP! There are statistics
available to back this up but I won’t bore you with those.

So here are a few tips on accessorizing with makeup.

1. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty. Concealer can absolutely be
your friend when it comes to dark circles and the occasional blemish but
overall “hiding” with products never works….it usually calls attention to
what you want to hide. Find your best features and make them pop!

2. Your biggest makeup investment should be foundation. It needs to match
perfectly and may need to change seasonally. It’s nearly impossible to get a
perfect match without trying it on so stay away from the closed packages at
the drugstore. This is a great time to reach out for help from a
professional. Any of the mall brands have trained consultants or your local
Mary Kay consultant will usually offer in home consultations.

3. Just like the outfit that you wear, makeup should be appropriate to the
situation at hand. An office job would likely call for a light touch and
neutral colors where someone in an artistic or fashion related field may
safely experiment with color and a little drama. Smoky eyes are perfect for
a night out and bright red lips can make a beautiful holiday statement but
either of these choices may send the wrong message at your grandmother’s

The most important thing to remember about makeup is that it washes off! I
had the pleasure of taking a class with celebrity MU Artist Luis Casco and he said: “There is no
makeup mistake that can’t be fixed with a cotton tip applicator”. Don’t be
afraid to try something new. Have fun!

Trish Allen, Image Insight http://www.imageinsight.me

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