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So, I’m on the road to the Big Apple and am a fashion stylist, working my way to the top. What qualifies me to think that I can actually make it?

We’ll here is a little bit of my background that has laid the stones on my yellow brick road to NYC.

Right before graduating high school I decided that I wanted to start blogging about fashion. At the time I was living Gainesville, FL where running shorts and a baggy tee are acceptable church wear. My dad challenged me to write one blog day for a week. This grew until I found myself a year later with 365 blog posts under my belt. The blog followed me to Lexington, KY where I started to write for a local fashion magazine and realized that my heart lies more in styling photo shoots rather than writing the adjoining stories.

This is when I started to do my research and found School of Style. I then took their Personal Styling class when it was offered in Chicago. My passion only grew from there and I started breaking off on my own, styling every model I could get my hands on and showing up at every fashion event I could find (invited or not). This got me opportunities to style photo shoots for the local newspaper and news station. I even produced fashion shows for the largest bridal show in the city.

When School of Style announced that they were offering their main Stylist Certification class online I signed up before the email even finished loading. My last semester of college consisted of classes, School of Style, being the key stylist for University of Kentucky’s fashion magazine and babysitting as many hours as I could.

This summer I was a full time nanny, cushioning my savings account in preparation for the upcoming months of being a full time intern to any styling that will take me under his/her wing!

Now the hard working begins and I couldn’t be more excited.

Until next time, don’t be afraid to dream.

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