Addicted to Butter Beer (day 69)


I finally made my way over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter today! My grandma had been talking about going there together since it opened so we got up this morning and went before heading back home. We ate at Three Broomsticks and I finally got to taste the amazing butter beer that I keep hearing about. It was so good that we got another one on our way out of the park! The only downside was that there were WAY too many people there. We waited for an hour and a half for the forbidden journey ride and it ended up being fun but not right after lunch! Sadly, that was the only ride we made it on because my patience was wearing thin after that and I had no one to go on the big rides with me!
I had planned on wearing my off white tom’s today but my feet were still too raw from wearing my silver ones all day yesterday so I wore sandals which was ok. Today’s outfits was just one of my classic go To’s because I packed for the whole week in less than hour! Everything worked out fine though so I’m happy! Now I’m home and ready to out together some actually fun outfits with my new jewelry that I got before I left! 🙂

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