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On our second (and final) day in Milan, I convinced my friends to adventure to the whole other side of town with me to check out the Armani/Silos museum which was probably the best decision we’ve ever made! The museum was only 6 Euro to get into because we were students, and it kept us occupied for over 4 hours. There were 4 floors of jaw dropping, life altering couture, and a cafe that left our stomach’s and wallets full.

Every section of the museum was color coordinated rather than by time period like I expected, but doing this they showed how the collections have developed over time and created a mood that left me mesmerized looking at every individual piece as well as the sections as a whole. I spent most of the trip bent over with my nose as close to the pieces of art as possible, trying to take in all of the detail.

After we got about half way through the museum it was time for a lunch break, so we found the cafe and nervously looked at the prices. When we noticed they weren’t any more than anywhere else we sat down to enjoy a full meal. Not only was the food delicious, but the fact that everything was customized Armani (chocolates, sugar, water…) just made it all the better. If you are ever in Milan, stop by the Armani store because you can apparently pick up all sorts of Armani treats!

We even made some friends at the bar of the cafe that we spent some time with after finishing the museum tour. By the end of the day we were chatting and drinking with everyone who works at the cafe and they were begging us not to leave! If we didn’t have to catch our train I would have stayed for the rest of the day. You can see my two favorite waiters (and my outfit of the day) in the picture below! 🙂

Ciao bella!


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