Prints (day 125)

Today in my public speaking class I had to give an elevator speech which is basically a short interview rant about your qualifications and why that company should hire you. My speech was me interviewing for a job as a writer for Elle magazine. This really got me excited about my future in the fashion industry! My real goal, though, is to own my own business and my a stylist.
To spice up a boring day at school I wore my floral jeans and awesome fedora. When I bought these pants I thought a lot about what could go with them but I couldn’t decide exactly what colors were on them. This morning while looking through my closet and saw this old silk tank and was happily surprised to find that is went well with the flowers on these jeans! Since there is black on the hat I wore a black belt with the shirt so the black wasn’t lonely. I love the idea of cheetah print with these pants but shoes or a shirt would be a print overdose so my watch was the perfect little splash of print! This outfit is a great example of how I love to dress; it may have been a little much for Gainesville but I stopped worrying about that a while ago!

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