Weekend in Milan!

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I have been having an incredible time here in Italy! Last weekend was free from all classes and responsibilities, so I took that opportunity to travel with a small group of friends to Milan to take in as much fashion as possible! As a class we have been to many museums, old buildings and even some interesting stores, but I have also learned the value of exploring by yourself or with just a few other people.

Two of my friends and I took a train from Florence to Milan on Saturday morning, and were there until Sunday night. We took the opportunity to get a little nicer hotel than we’ve been in, and treated it as a mini vacation outside of our study abroad trip. After settling into our hotel Saturday we headed to the most popular shopping destination, The Golden Rectangle, for some serious window shopping! My biggest recommendation there is to go to the Gucci store and buy a lipstick (especially if you are a lipstick addict like me). They only sell their makeup like in Italy, and there is a Gucci museum that I went to in Florence. That made the not ridiculously overprice lipstick even more special!

After we shopped until we dropped, we plopped down (after a longer walk than expected) in Cory’s Soul Chicken which is actually owned by a Kentucky native! As much as we love Italy, we were getting a little tired of spaghetti and pizza, so chicken wings were just what we needed!

Later than night two of us pulled ourselves together (Instagram picture of our outfits) and went out to the Corso Como area that has some of the best bars and clubs in town. It was so much fun to see how the Italians did big nights out!

The next day we spent the entire day in the Armani/Silos museum… but that deserves a blog of its own!

Until then,

Ciao Bellas!

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  1. I’m your new instagram friend, dropping by. It sounds like your having a blast! Imagine finding a southern gentleman there 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! We have come across come American men throughout this trip! It is always exciting hearing someone speak English!

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