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Despite the fact that the sunset is making the pictures look like my surroundings are on fire and I am totally ignoring it, I love this outfit and my neighborhood which is in fact not currently burnt to a crisp. Today was pretty relaxed with some Christmas shopping and video watching for my art class. Since I did attend an hour long showing of 1 minute videos from my digital art class I felt kind of artsy and for some reason I felt like this outfit seemed artistic. These tan pants from Bluetique are a perfect alternative to leggings and can be easily dressed up to look nice and fashionable. For today I decided to pair them with a black and white sweater and red scarf. The original goal with this scarf was to try to pretend like it was an infinity scarf by tying together the ends, but even though that plan failed I like how it ended up looking. As much as I like every piece in this outfit, my favorite part is this adorable zebra braceletĀ . It goes perfectly with my current corny statement piece obsession! Do you have a current obsession?


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