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Recently I have felt like I am running on an out of control treadmill that I can’t get off of. Although it is making me stronger everyday, I can’t seem to catch a break. There has been good and bad with every emotion in between.

I lost control of the treadmill (that was already cruising along at a solid jog) about three weeks ago when my grandpa, Pa, ended up in the hospital. That meant of few days of my working on finals in the hospital room while keeping Pa company. Soon the punches of bad news started rolling in, and less than a week later he passed away.

The day he died I received some exciting news that I was able to share with him before he was too sick to have a conversation. This is also news that I am trilled to share with all of you!

Next school year I will have the best part time job ever! I will be the lead stylist and Content Strategy Sales Executive for the University of Kentucky fashion magazine, KRNL. This is an amazing opportunity for me, and I am trilled to be a part of the team.

After hear that news, and spending my last day with Pa holding his hand, the next week was a blur of family, tears, laughter, stories and prayers. As soon as that calmed down I had to focus on finals. Now that all of that is over with I am ready to relax and enjoy packing for Italy because I leave in about a week now!

This is actually the purse that I just bought for the trip, I am in love!

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