Back to Florida (day 206)


Today I am back in Gainesville, home of bipolar weather. When I woke up this morning it was 30 degrees outside, and by this afternoon it was 70. That makes it really hard to pick out an outfit! The original plan was to wear leggings and a long shirt, or something comfortable because I had a late night of traveling and homework, but because of weather problems I had to go through many options before ending up at this outfit. As soon as I put this outfit on I knew it was a winner! I love that its edgy, but also has my personality in it through the fun shoe scarf.
It’s finally getting cold outside, so that means I get to try out new looks and colors for the new season. I’m really excited to see what else I can do with these burgundy jeggings, and I have already found plenty of ways to wear my Madden Girl combat boots! The pant and boot combo worked perfectly with a light blazer and scarf for a chilly day of school and coaching.

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