Layer, layer, layer!





If there is one thing that I have learned from living in Kentucky it would be to layer smartly. Yesterday the temperature was in the teens most of the day, so I needed to make sure that I could be warm enough outside, but not too bundled up that I would be hot inside. The first step to the perfect layered outfit is always a tank top. Having that layer close to your body keeps the heat in andĀ  the draft out! Next I usually add a button down, and then comes a heavy sweater. If I were going to be spending any extended amount of time outside I would have put on a scarf, but since I only needed to run from the car to the movie theater a statement necklace worked perfectly. Also, just because I didn’t have enough sweater material on already, I wore my very warm sweater legging. Even though you can’t see them, fuzzy socks were necessary for comfort and warmth. This week looks like it is going to be extremely cold, so I’m predicting lots of layers in my future!


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