Boots and tights (day 205)



I absolutely love dresses with boots and tights! More specifically, I love the look of a sweet lace dress and sturdy leather combat boots. It is something very different from my normal style, and that is what excites me the most. If I wasn’t on a plane right now I would find an inspiration picture, but I am so I’ll let you use your memory of past tabloid and twitter pictures. A lot celebrities have done this look, my favorite example would probably be Demi Lovato, because this tends to be a favorite look for her. She is a big fashion inspiration for me!
I bought this dress at Forever 21 in Orlando a couple of weeks ago for the very exciting price of $3!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tag, but I absolutely love the dress and the price was even better. As soon as I tried it on I planned this whole outfit in my head. The only problem was that I didn’t have the tights or the boots, so the price of the outfit increased drastically after that, but it was worth it! It was about 30 degrees outside when I wore this outfit and even with a pea coat I was still cold, but I was so excited to be wearing it that temperature didn’t matter anymore. This is Deffinetly a combination that I will be playing with a lot from now on!
I have a picture of Samantha on here today because I picked out this outfit. She really wanted to wear this dress, but again it was 30 degrees outside and she didn’t have any tights. I had picked up these fun red tights on Black Friday and unfortunately they were to short for me so I sold them to her, picked out her grey boots, added a sparkly grey belt and she was ready to go. What I like best about this outfit is how unexpected the red tights are and how well they go with the dress!

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