Beauty is pain (day 214)


We’ve all heard the saying “beauty is pain”. I’ve definitely said it to myself while wearing heals or using it as another way of telling other people to “suck it up!”, but this saying rang true to me today while I was trying to walk to class as my ankle was bleeding. The leather on the back of my left boot pinches in right on the back on my ankle and tears at the skin. If I wasn’t in so much pain when I got home I would have tried to do things to retrain the leather like wear a big sock around my ankle so it goes out rather than in, wet the leather just a bit and/or used a blow dryer. But instead I took the blog picture and happily changed into yoga pants and a T shirt.
Today has been a very long day, starting with a 7:30 meeting and then onto class, teacher meetings, group meetings, and babysitting. I can’t lie and say I was happily in this outfit all day because, as I said before, I chanced into my “chill clothes”. It was weird for me being out and about in yoga pants but it was nice to be extra comfortable doing things that don’t require me to appear pulled together and confident. Now it is 10 pm and I just finished dinner and I am off to study for another couple of hours, is college over yet??

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