Burgundy and pink (day 213)

The next two weeks for me will be absolutely crazy, because this week is the last week of the semester and after that comes hell week, also known as finals. I believe that is it important to look nice and pulled together on test days and especially for finals. Personally, I don’t feel confident in sweat pants, so why would I be confident in my ability to do my best on the test if I look and feel sloppy and unconfident? Although I want to look nice, I don’t want to be uncomfortable because that would he distracting and I wouldn’t be able to put all of my effort into the test. That is why I put together outfits, like today’s, that are seriously cute and also really comfortable. Today I am wearing burgundy jeggings and a great loose-fitted button down. I wanted something else exciting so I added this pearl statement necklace which may not have been the perfect match but I think it added another great element to the outfit. I wore this pink and black polka dot top on the flight home from Kentucky with black leggings and I liked that combination too, but what I like about this was mixing the burgundy pants and pink top.

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