Blues (day 249)

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Today we spent some time house hunting which was fun, and then I went back to my new school to try to schedule my classes which was not fun. Although I may have felt very stressed trying to work out my transfer credits today, I also felt very fun and professional in my blazer outfit. I am really loving the options I have for my outfits in the winter here. If I ever wore this blazer in Florida, it would end up coming off by the afternoon because it was too hot, but today I was very comfortable in it all day even with a long sleeve shirt underneath. This is one of those outfits that came together slowly. I started with the shirt, jacket and teal pants and everything else was added on as I came across it. My first thought for shoes was my brown riding boots, but they were too matchy so I wore my combat boots instead which added a fun rocker edge to the look. My new Bella Rose headband brought the whole outfit together, and finally my turquoise necklace matched the headband and went with the blue theme of the day.

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