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I spent most of the day yesterday getting my new room and closet organized. This started with a fun trip to target and then a couple of hours standing in my closet. Organization may not seem like fashion, but without it I would never be able to find anything to wear! To be honest, I’ve never been a neat and tidy kind of person, but new state, new me. Most of my summer clothes is still in Gainesville, so that made this activity a little bit easier. The first step was to get my scarves and jewelry figured out. I found these black and white zebra print boxes in Target and fell in love. My scarves are now rolled up and easy to find in a tall box where they won’t get wrinkled like they did when I had them folded up and stuffed in a bag. For the move all of my jewelry was put into a shoe box, so I was happy to be able to lay it out in 2 cubical-like boxes. Next I hung up a coat hanger on the back on my door and put up all of my belts, this is something that I’ve done for a while now and it works perfectly when I’m putting an outfit together and trying to decide on a belt to pull the outfit together. The final thing I did wasn’t totally necessary but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do; I bought all matching teal hangers so that my closet looks uniform and pretty. I now love how my closet looks, and I’m hoping that because it looks perfect now I will be willing to keep it pretty all the time.

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