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I’m going to let you guys in to a little secret of mine, one of the reasons that I try to dress nicely all of the time rather than taking blog pictures and changing into sweats is not only because of my love of fashion, but because my image is my brand. My outfits are conversation starters as well as a kind of proof of what I do. The reason I brought this up today was because after having multiple conversations today with some amazing people that started because they liked my outfit I thought about how important image is to businesses. It is especially important to people in fashion because someones fashion taste directly influences people’s impressions of their talent in the industry. Out of the fashion industry your personal style may not be as important, but it is always important to look pulled together to be seen as a professional. This means in and out of the office because you never know when you will bump into a client, or in my case a potential reader!

My conversation-starter outfit today was printed leggings with a Red Dress Boutique  baby doll top and riding boots. To dress the look up a bit more I wore a vintage chain necklace with my blue and gold Cleopatra-ish navy and gold necklace. I don’t wear this necklace often, but when I do it really makes a statement!



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