Camo and lace!



I have found fashion in a fashionless place. Who knew camo could be this fabulous?? Yes, the camo trend has been lingering for some time now, and  I have gone back and forth on my feelings about it. In case you don’t live in the south and have missed the fashion statements here, there are some awful camo clothes (and purses, shoes, hats, and trucks) which has made me cautious toward the idea. When I went to shop the runway at Lexington Fashion Week last weekend I spent a lot of time browsing the Sorjet section falling in love with the different ways that she uses real camo from army uniforms. Just for fun I tried on this jacket, and didn’t take it off until I went to bed that night! I am just in love with how the tough camo is hanging out next to the elegant lace, and the fit also couldn’t be any more flattering.

Whenever possible I like to shop locally to support local artists, and I don’t mind spending more on something I will wear forever. Since I love this jacket so much I have decided to keep up with my cost per wear because I know that it will be making a lot of appearances on the blog. This first one is kind of scary, but it will get better I promise- Day one is $175 per wear.

Do you ever calculate your cost per wear to make yourself feel better about a purchase?


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