Cheetah print love (day 122)

I love when there aren’t classes on Monday’s because that means my Sunday’s can actually be spent relaxing and not doing last minute homework. For church I wore my favorite blue high-low dress that I found for $5 and then to cover my shoulders I borrowed my moms black crop sweater. This necklace has definitely become my favorite accent piece since I bought it! I also had to wear my seemingly everyday watch and bracelet. They just go with everything and I love that! To finish add a final touch to this great outfit I wore my cheetah print flats and am very happy about how this outfit turned out! An item that’s on my next shopping list is a skinny cheetah print belt, I was dying to wear one with this dress but didn’t have one so I just added more jewelry. I think it would be very well use in my wardrobe!

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